Key Features

Tag Helpers Components and Controls for Bootstrap

The library contains 30+ ASP.NET Core tag helpers for nearly all components and controls of Bootstrap. This saves time and budget of your UI development.

Bootstrap 4 Renders Bootstrap 4 Markup

Bocons is compatible with Bootstrap 4 and maps all components and controls. The partially complex components are abstracted easily and understandably via the tag helper.

Data Binding Validation states for data binding

Bocons combines the ASP.NET Core data binding with the Bootstrap validation states. On model errors the inputs get a Bootstrap validation state and rendering.

Intellisense Intellisense support in Visual Studio

Bocons is well documentated, but the Intellisense support in Visual Studio helps you still faster write tag helper markup.

Bower and NuGet Provisioning over Bower and NuGet

The tag helper library will published with Bower and NuGet. So it is pretty simple to update libraries and hold them up-to-date.

Extensive Documentation Free and up-to-date online Documentation

Our extensive and simple documentation of Bocons helps you to quick start the development of your own app.

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Bootstrap 4 Front-end and component library

The underlying UI framework of Bocons is Bootstrap. Bootstrap is a sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development. The current version of Bocons supports the Bootstrap v4.x.

Bocons ASP.NET Core Tag Helper for Bootstrap

Bocons is a Tag Helper Library for Bootstrap and ASP.NET Core. It provides an easy way to integrate complex components and controls into a Razor View. Tag Helpers looks like standard HTML and front-end designers haven't to learn new technologies or languages. At runtime the Tag Helper Markup will translated in conventionally HTML.

License Models


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299 EUR

  • Bocons Tag Helper Library
  • 6 months Premium E-mail Support
  • 6 months access to Premium Forum
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699 EUR

  • Bocons Tag Helper Library
  • 1 year Premium E-mail Support
  • 1 year access to Premium Forum
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