Opting Bootstrap Images into responsive behavior (so they never become larger than their parent elements) and add lightweight styles to them—all via Bocons Tag Helper attributes.

Bocons Image
<img src="~/images/bootstrap-solid.svg" bc-responsive="true" />

Image Configuration <img />


In addition to Bootstrap's border-radius utilities, you can use bc-thumbnail attribute to give an image a rounded 1px border appearance.

Thumbnailed Image
<img src="~/images/bootstrap-solid.svg" bc-thumbnail="true" />


Round off the corners of an image by using the bc-round attribute.

Rounded Image
<img src="~/images/bootstrap-solid.svg" bc-round="true" />


Set the bc-circle attribute to render an image in a circle.

Circled Image
<img src="~/images/bootstrap-solid.svg" bc-circle="true" />


Responsive images are scales with the parent element and will become larger. Set a images responsive with the bc-responsive attribute.